Team Barracuda at Red Bull Defiance

Kat Bulk and Alex Martin are teaming up together to race as Team Barracuda Kayaks at Red Bull Defiance.

These two serious athletes are well matched in skill and performance; but its the similarities in their sense of humour, a shared love of peanut butter, and their ability to find an extra 2% that will makes this dynamic duo a force to be reckoned with.

We caught up with Team Barracuda Kayaks as they enter the final days before Red Bull Defiance 2019.

Are you a hunter or a gatherer: A: Gatherer K: Hunter

Your team mate is a new

addition to the crayon box, what colour would she be and why? A: Sunrise orange, because she brightens up the day K: Alex would be a wicked shade of metallic-purple-magenta – she is bright and colourful but with this underlying streak of unbelievable bloody minded determination

Alex looking fresh at the end of Day 1 at Coast 2018

If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why? A: A Fish, cos I would love to live under water K: Falcon – it would be amazing to sour endlessly over the mountains – being able to see in ultraviolet would be pretty sweet too

What inspires you? A: Adventuring in nature K: Courage, strength, determination and humility

Who is your favourite sports hero? A: All of those who have helped me in my sporting pursuits – my friends and coaches K: Team Hoyt

Kat racing up the Remarkables

Most surprising thing about your team mate? A: She is extremely creative K: I don’t know if it’s surprising, but I really admire Alex’s “Beast Mode” – her ability to push herself until she gets blurry vision and compromised continence integrity

Favourite mantra? A: “Life is perishable, live accordingly” K: “Make it count”

Favourite song prior to competing? A: Too many to choose – today: “Relax” by Frankie and the Hollywood's K: Particularly enjoying “10 Laws” by East Forest at the moment, though its always hard to go past “Bat Out of Hell”

Kat at Coast to Coast 2017

Favourite Race Food: A: Banana and peanut butter mushed together K: Peanut butter, anything savoury and easy to digest – have been experimenting with cheese recently

Favourite Post-Race Food: A: SALT – with banana and peanut butter mushed together K: Salty things usually a bag of fries (bag size directly proportional to exertion), peanut butter based smoothie

What are you most looking forward to about racing Red Bull Defiance 2019? A: Racing with Kat K: Teaming up with Alex…and the uphill’s, definitely the uphill’s

Expected challenges at RBD? A: The steep climbs and the heat K: Pacing ourselves and racing well whilst still keeping the tank well stoked for Coast

First Race? A: Jacks Point ½ Marathon K: Kiwi Kids Triathlon

Alex taking Multi-discipline domination to the next level

Toughest Race? A: Kepler Challenge 60km Ultra-Marathon K: Last year’s Waimak Classic – being crook in a 70km river race is so much less fun than it sounds

Best hard to get to location? A: Middle of nowhere, Atlas Mountains, Morocco K: Serpentine Range

Best training advice you have given, or can give? A: “Consistency is key” K: “When you start hurting - don’t let your mind panic”

Whats next? A: C2C One Day! K: LOOONGGGESSSST DAY!

We are looking forward to following Team Barracuda's progress at Red Bull Defiance 2019 - go and smash it!