Kat Bulk - Barracuda Kayaks Athlete - Mindfood Magazine

Barracuda Kayaks Multisport Athlete Kat Bulk is featured in the latest issue of Mindfood Magazine.

Kat Bulk’s first sport of choice was mountain running: the steeper and more rugged the trail, the better. Now the 31-year-old survey technician has her sights on becoming one of the world’s best female multisport athletes.

To get an idea of what she calls fun, the Godzone Adventure Race is what got her into multisport. It’s a non-stop, expedition-style team challenge that can last up to 10 days. It’s the biggest race of its kind in the world and was held in Queenstown last year. It calls for kayaking, canoeing, running, biking, orienteering and general survival skills. Competitors don’t know the next day’s route until the night before.

“I got into multisport about four and a half years ago,” she says. “I’d been running and doing ultra-running before that.”

For Bulk, Queenstown is the ultimate place to live and train. “I’m from Dunedin originally but I’ve lived all over the country,” she says. “We used to holiday in Queenstown all the time when I was a kid, and it’s somewhere that I’ve always thought would be amazing to live. “A couple of years ago I got the opportunity to move here with my previous job. I just thought, ‘This would be such an area of paradise to come and play in, and do what I love’.”

Competition drives her. “My primary goal over the next few years is to get to the top of the podium of the Coast to Coast,” Bulk says. The iconic Coast to Coast event is 243 kilometres of biking, kayaking and running from Kumara Beach on the west coast, over the Southern Alps to New Brighton in Christchurch.

“I pretty much just work and train and sleep. But that’s okay – I don’t know what else I’d do with my time. On a work day I’ll do two or three [hours] and on a weekend I’m only doing six or eight a day this year.