The Next Generation


Developed as the next generation Barracuda Sea Kayak, the Interface is light responsive, easy to paddle and designed to carve through the water and perform impeccably in a following sea.

Interface Dimensions

Available in Low, Med & High Volume

Length Overall:   5195mm

Width Overall:    575mm

Depth Overall:    360mm    add 16mm for m/v & 35mm for h/v

Paddler Weight Ranges

  • Low volume:                               50- 70kg

  • Medium volume:                         70- 85kg

  • High volume:                              85- 110kg

Hatches & Cockpit

  • Front hatch opening:     275mm x 200mm

  • Rear Hatch opening:      400mm x 200mm

  • Cockpit opening:             800mm x 415mm


(Based on the medium size) 

  • Front storage compartment: 72lt

  • Sealed glove box: 15lt

  • Cockpit: 170lt

  • Rear storage compartment: 96lt

"Stable and unaffected by the chop, fast on flat or moving water...this is the kit you need to keep a good pace all day...responsive and accepts the lumpy stuff with no fuss." - Scott Donaldson, Trans-Tasman Paddler 

09-427 4478

Tavern Rd, Silverdale 0932, New Zealand